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My Background

      Hello! I'm Max, and I am a fifth-year Mechanical Engineering student at Northeastern University minoring in Business and Entrepreneurship. Beyond my core classes, I am an active member of Generate Product Development, ASME, and Breakthrough Greater Boston* as well as various community service organizations. 


I completed an Engineering R&D Co-op at Boston Scientific in the Fall of 2019 and a Mechanical Design Co-op at the award-winning cleantech startup Infinite Cooling out of MIT. I've also been a part of two student-led product development initiatives with Generate, working to create a retractable solar panel system and a STEM building toy for girls. I am currently a Growth Investing Co-op at Dragonfly in Boston to test the waters in Finance and expand my knowledge of business building. 


In addition to my passions for design, innovation, and product development, I love challenges that require creative thinking and teamwork to solve. My portfolio showcases select examples of prototype design, product development, and technical analysis that I have completed as of Fall 2021. When I'm not working on any of my own personal projects, I'm either outside - hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, etc. - or playing cards, usually Texas Hold'em. I've also recently begun to teach myself to code in Python, with the goal of writing my own algorithmic trading API. I'm ultimately looking to combine my education and previous experience with my hobbies to build an exciting career.   ​

*Breakthrough is a non-profit afterschool program focused on providing support for low-income students that wish to pursue higher education after high school. COVID-19 affected the 2020 program, temporarily ending the 3 years I spent as an academic advisor and STEM program leader. 



Why hire me?


I always bring my best efforts to the table, whether it be developing new surgical innovations or creating an autonomous research drone. I pride myself on my dedication to producing meaningful work, and I have learned a variety of valuable skills throughout the more than two years of combined professional engineering work I've completed.

My experience includes...

  • Rapid Prototyping, CAD modeling, 3D printing, and machining

  • Complex mechanical assembly design, GD&T, and manufacturing 

  • Configuring experiments, sensor integration, and data acquisition

  • Statistical analysis for engineering and business applications

  • Project leadership, team and operational management

  • Business and Engineering interfacing

I've had the opportunity to work at 3 outstanding companies, participate in student-led product development, and tackle rigorous class work.

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